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The hand holding this egg is that of Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene, one of the founders of Christianity
along with Peter and Paul, was the first to recognize
and announce the resurrection of Christ. The egg she
holds, a symbol of fertility and the joy of Easter, is
about to crack open. The new life that is forming
inside the shell has outgrown the nourishment provided
by the previous structures of Christianity and needs
to break out.

Peter, Paul and Mary. We’ve heard a lot from Peter and Paul.
Now it’s Mary’s turn to take centre stage.

My new book, The Magdalene Moment, explores how the
current reinstatement of Mary Magdalene could influence the
contemporary Christian Church. This website will explain
that further. You can also discover some key elements that
have shaped my life, sample some of my writing and other
writings that have nourished my soul, and find out where I
am going to be speaking.

So welcome – and enjoy!
Joanna Manning

Above art is a detail from an icon of Mary Magdalene by Robert Lenz.
Used by permission of Trinity Stores.